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What thickness and type of glass do you have in stock?

Fire Sand will have 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 16 and 19 mm glass in stock. Thicker glass will be ordered as required. The glass in stock will be clear float along with a wide variety of pattern glass. Fire Sand only uses " Domestic Glass" and never uses imported glass.

Will you stock mirror?

Yes, there will be full sheet sizes (96x130) of mirror in stock.

What kind of fabrication will Fire Sand be able to do with glass or mirror?

A very wide variety of fabrication can be completed on mirror and glass. The services will include beveling, cutting in a large assortment of shapes and sizes, edging, five axis CNC will provide near endless options, drilling, miters, polishing and tempering.

Does Fire Sand do cutouts for different types of hinges?

Absolutely! Fire Sand will cut the glass for whatever hinges you need. This includes standard hinges or custom made hinge cut outs to make your installation easier.

Does Fire Sand fabricate glass for commercial applications or strictly for residential applications?

Commercial glass applications will most certainly be completed at Fire Sand. Fire Sand will make glass for interior office walls, boardrooms, interior windows between offices along with a wide variety of other commercial glass applications.

I understand Fire Sand can “back paint glass.” Is this true? What does it mean?

Correct! Fire Sand can back paint glass. After the glass has been cut, polished and fabricated to meet the specifications of the customer, the “back” of the glass can be painted whatever colour you want. The customer provides a paint chip or paint number. Fire Sand will order the paint to match the specific colour requested.

Will Fire Sand Glass deliver to my shop?

Fire Sand has it's own delivery truck which is dedicated to ensuring all Fire Sand Glass deliveries are made as scheduled. The delivery truck will operate on a schedule based on volume to specific areas. The larger and more consistent the orders from your area, the more frequent the trips. Please check with us to learn the details of the delivery service to your area.

Can I place my order, leave the order in your plant and take delivery the day I am going to install the glass?

Fire Sand Glass is willing to accommodate such requests. The maximum storage time at Fire Sand will be 14 days.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

Cash and checks on approved accounts. Fire Sand will also accept credit cards which will be subject to a convenience fee of 3%. This ensures costs are minimized. Also, those that do not use credit will not have credit card fees included in their prices.

Does Fire Sand have a specific type of shower door hinge it prefers?

Yes. To be consistent with the Fire Sand mission of providing the best quality glass, it has arranged to supply the best shower door hinge made….bar none! These hinges are guaranteed for LIFE! No questions asked….if the hinge fails we will replace it at no charge. In fact, we are so confident these hinges will not fail, Fire Sand will provide the professional installer new hinges AND a $100 credit to their account when they go to a customer’s place to replace our hinges. Nobody else has confidence like this in their hinges…nobody!

Will Fire Sand make glass for the front door of my commercial building?

Yes, for sure. We will not only make glass for commercial doors but will keep the standard sizes in stock. For standard doors, this will mean when you have an emergency such as a broken front door we can supply instantly.